Mortal Engines - Shrike concept art
Mortal Engines - Shrike concept art

Hey all,
really pleased I get to share some of the work I created for the latest Mortal Engines movie which is out now. Huge thank you to Peter, Fran and Christian for getting me along for this crazy ride. Shrike would be a character that stayed with me for many years over my career and was literally the first character I ever began designing on for Weta and Peter and really happy nearly 10 years later he's out on screen. Upon leaving Weta 3 years ago I joined Production Designer Dan Hennah and Christian Rivers on the Art Department to develop Shrike as the lead designer. Was a privilege to work alongside Nick Keller again who put some of the defining strokes into this world and if you haven't already, check out his incredible work!
I'll be sharing more of the design work soon so stay tuned :)

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